'X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Booboo Stewart Says Role Is "A Dream Come True"

Booboo Stewart

by Brett White

Clevver Movies tracked down newly cast X-Man Booboo Stewart and attempted to find out who the actor is playing in "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Stewart was tight-lipped, of course, but did express his excitement and enthusiasm for the project, saying "It's a dream come true, really. It's pretty incredible. I can't even explain the feeling that I have for this right now." Stewart called director Bryan Singer a "cool guy" and mentioned that they got to hang out for a few days.

The most revealing fact that Stewart revealed is that he's gained 50 pounds since January, and he is sporting much longer hair than normal. While we previously had Stewart pegged for Sunfire, the bulking up and long hair combo seems pretty Thunderbird-ish to us. Thunderbird was on our short list for inclusion in the latest X-Film, so this would be a pretty exciting development.

Check out the full interview below.

Stewart's involvement was announced via a Tweet alongside returning actor Daniel Cudmore and fellow newcomer Fan Bingbing will play Blink. Since Bingbing's character has already been announced, it's odd that Stewart's is still a mystery. The same can be said for Peter Dinklage, who had a rather shocked reaction to the in-person allegation that he's playing Bolivar Trask. And we still haven't heard anything about Omar Sy since his casting.

But based on this interview, Splash Page now predicts that Stewart will be fighting alongside the X-Men as either Thunderbird or his brother Warpath. That is, until he gets a haircut and throws us off.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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