'Amazing Spider-Man 2': First Look At Colm Feore In Mystery Role


by Brett White

"Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Marc Webb has been keeping his Twitter feed packed with pics from the film as it charges through its New York City shoot. Now Webb has provided us with two new photos, including our first look at Colm Feore...even if we're not quite sure who he's playing. Or where he is.

Colm Feore

The actor's no stranger to the Marvel Universe, having played the Frost Giant Laufey in 2011's "Thor." His role in the Spidey sequel seems much more normal. If we had to guess (and we already have once), something about the profile shot screams Adrian Toomes. The character goes on to become the Vulture, sure, but the film is packed with villains as it is. Let him take flight in "The Amazing Spider-Man 3."

Webb also released a picture of an Oscorp crate, along with the caption "There are chainz in there." Legitimately no clue what that's in reference to.

Oscorp Crate

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