'Thor: The Dark World': Has Chris O'Dowd Stolen Thor's Lady Love?

Chris O'Dowd

by Brett White

Somehow between the on-set injuries and all the Christopher Eccleston praise, news of Chris O'Dowd's casting in "Thor: The Dark World" slipped by unnoticed. The "Bridesmaids" actor's involvement, as reported by Indiewire, adds a whole new Earth-bound dimension to the out-of-this-world film, and it clarifies a tweet the actor posted last November.

O'Dowd mentioned his involvement in the film when questioned about where dramas and action movies fit in with his quickly expanding career.

"I don't know if I'd do an action movie because I don't know if I could keep a straight face honestly, I just think it's so silly. Like, I love watching them but I can't imagine me doing one. Actually, you know what I've done, just for fun because I didn't think there was any way that I could be in a superhero movie, so I've done a scene in the new 'Thor' movie, just for that. I just do like one scene, which was quite fun."

Does that quote plus that tweet equal O'Dowd: Girlfriend Stealer? It's possible, but we have to admit that we're jumping the gun by calling Natalie Portman's Jane Foster Thor's girlfriend. Sure, he shows up and they have a strong connection for a week in "Thor," but then he disappears to another realm! A girl can't wait around forever, and the logistical nightmare of navigating a cross-dimensional relationship with the god of thunder would give anyone pause.

Comic Book Movie seems to think that O'Dowd could be playing Dr. Donald Blake, Foster's ex who she mentioned in the first "Thor" film. Fans will also know Dr. Donald Blake as Thor's alter-ego in the original "Journey Into Mystery" series by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber. To teach Thor humility, Odin placed Thor into the body of Donald Blake, a partially disabled medical student. By slamming his cane down, Blake would transform into Thor and fight Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, Thug Thatcher and Zano the Carbon-Copy Man! Listen, aside from Loki, Thor fought a lot of duds in his early days.

There are a number of other Thor characters O'Dowd could be playing, if he's even playing an established Marvel character at all. There's Jake Olson, the EMT that Thor paired with in the late '90s, and Eric Masterson, the Thor replacement we talked about last week. Foster even married a Donald Blake lookalike in the late '60s named Keith Kincaid. Any of these names are up for grabs.

The only thing this news does clarify is Jane Foster's role in the film. Up until now, all of the "Thor: The Dark World" news has centered on the Nine Realms, leaving Thor's human supporting players out. Now we have more info on what Jane Foster's up to in the sequel.

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