Nicolas Cage On 'Superman Lives' And Its Kickstarter Doc

by Brett White

Nicolas Cage gained comic book fame as the lead character in two Ghost Rider films, but the actor actually came close to portraying the Man of Steel in the never-produced film "Superman Lives." With a script by Kevin Smith and visionary director Tim Burton behind the camera, the film was set to show the world a decidedly different take on the iconic character. The lost Superman film would have been released a decade before Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" and almost a decade after Burton's game-changing first "Batman" film.

Cage spoke with MTV News about the lost Superman epic and about the Kickstarter campaign to further examine "Superman Lives."

"The fact that Tim and I were pretty far down the road designing ["Superman Lives"], and I know that with Tim and where I was going to go, we would have done something really special," recalls Cage. "At least it's out there in the ether that that could have happened, but we don't have to make the movie. It's still interesting to people."

Interesting could be considered something of an understatement. The Cage/Burton collaboration has become a hot topic again thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign to fund a documentary about "Superman Lives" overshot its goal by over $17,000, proving that people are clamoring to know what went wrong with the production. Cage admits that he has heard about the documentary, called "The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened?" "It sounds fascinating...It's a good idea."

Cage hasn't lost any affection for the character, despite never getting to don the blue and red tights himself. "I do think that I had the win-win situation, because that character is such a bullseye that you have to hit. He's one of the most precious icons of our country."

Thanks to Splash Page legend Josh Wigler for conducting the interview and asking all the right questions.

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