Ray Stevenson Wouldn't Mind Another Punisher Film

by Brett White

Not many actors have pulled double duty in superhero films. With both the Punisher and Thor's pal Volstagg on his resume, Ray Stevenson is one of the few. The actor talked about both of his alter egos in a quick interview with Red Carpet News TV. When asked about reprising the role of Frank Castle, last seen in 2008's "Punisher: War Zone," Stevenson said: "I'd love it. And if the fans want it and if Marvel gets behind it, yeah, I'd jump on it."

Stevenson also discussed his upcoming role in "Thor: The Dark World," specifically his costar Christopher Eccleston's turn as Malekith.

"I saw Christopher Eccleston on set two or three times. The man is just a consummate sort of, malevolent, dark force. He's under so much make-up that took hours and hours [to apply]. It takes a lot, but he's bringing something very, very dark and special to it."

[via Comic Book Movie]

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