'Wolverine' Gets A Ferocious Action Figure


by Brett White

Diamond's Marvel Select series has been bringing the goods for years now, offering up insanely detailed action figures of everyone from Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye to 1970s Storm. The geniuses over at Diamond have now turned their attention towards James Mangold's upcoming film, "The Wolverine," and have delivered quite a feisty take on the titular mutant.

The 7" tall figure stays faithful to Hugh Jackman's likeness, even going so far as to faithfully adapt the somehow-buffer-than-ever physique that the actor's been sporting in the film's promotional images. Fans prone to making stop-motion animation will be pleased to know that the figure comes with three interchangeable heads, depicting emotions ranging from "berserker annoyance" to "berserker rage." There are even interchangeable hands, depending on whether or not you like your bones with or without adamantium, or just prefer a classy katana.

The video below gets all up in Wolverine's many sculpted faces.


[via Comic Book Movie]

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