New 'Iron Man 3' Footage Arrives Via TCL Tie-In Promo


by Brett White

Everyone's favorite armored Avenger will be landing in theaters soon. For those of you that want just a little more "Iron Man 3" before its May 3rd release date, check out this new promo for TCL Multimedia. The thirty-second spot mixes a couple new seconds of footage with a lot of the material we've become friendly with through the previous trailers: Tony in the snow, Tony at the impromptu press conference and Mandarin making an exquisite mess of Tony's house. Check it out below:

The most notable new footage is of a green-polo-sporting Don Cheadle making a frantic call from a forested area. Is Rhodey watching the Air Force One action sequence from the ground, without his War Machine armor and unable to help? That's a whole new level of bummer, if so.

[via Super Hero Hype]

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