'Man Of Steel' Concessions Promos Revealed


by Brett White

The "Man of Steel" promotion machine keeps on keeping on with Golden Link Australia's release of these new concessions promo items. The cups and popcorn bags and buckets all come with a promotional image of Henry Cavill's Superman plastered on them, giving us another look at that new Super suit (in addition to Cavill's artist-enhanced physique).

The most intriguing has to be the Superman character topper, which is essentially a Superman bust that you plop right on top of your Superman cup. Aside from the cloth cape, which will probably double as an accidental napkin in the hands of many moviegoers this summer, it's cool to see an item that's more than just the average bags and cups.

Now get your first look at the items that you'll be consuming snacks out of all summer.






[via Comic Book Movie]