New ‘Man Of Steel’ Photos And Quotes From Total Film

by Brett White

The citizens of the Internet are slowly piecing together the disparate bits from Total Film’s extensive coverage of “Man of Steel.” More quotes from director Zack Snyder have surfaced as well as a smorgasbord of new images. We’ve already reported on the issue’s stellar cover, as well as bits from their interview with Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon. Let’s continue the trend with some photos and, first, this quote from Zack Snyder, where he takes on the age old question: how do you make Superman relatable?

“It’s amazing what [Superman] is capable of but [Henry’s] a slightly more down to Earth version of the character… I don’t think he can hold up a continent… Superman has been broken for a little while… He’s a man, but he’s a Man of Steel.”

Snyder was understandably cryptic when asked if “Man of Steel” hints at a wider DC cinematic universe. “I can’t really say,” said Snyder. “My hope is that we establish him and that he’s a viable, awesome character that everyone is interested in seeing continue. He’s the biggest superhero in the world. Or should it be. He’s Superman, for god’s sake!”

Comic Book Movie also has newly available, high quality photos from the magazine, revealing everything from Superman’s super strut to Clark Kent’s chest hair (seen above). Take a look!

[via Comic Book Movie]

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