'Wolverine' Director James Mangold Tweets Cast Photos

Jackman Mangold

by Brett White

With the first footage of "The Wolverine" set to debut later this month, anticipation for Logan's latest solo adventure is definitely building up. Director James Mangold is feeding into that anticipation by keeping an active Twitter feed chronicling the film's production. He's now released black and white portraits of Wolverine himself and two of his co-stars, Rila Fukushima and Tao Okamoto.

First up, Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine. This pic shows Wolverine at his most serene, which is a change of pace as the rest of the photos of the titular character have focused on his superhuman physique.

Fukushima Mangold

Rila Fukushima stars as Yukio, a deadly assassin. Yukio is one of the more major supporting characters in Wolverine's corner of the Marvel Universe. The comic book version is quite fond of leaping across rooftops, picking pockets and inspiring her companions to do extreme things (Storm's mohawk makeover in the early '80s was all Yukio). This portrait of Fukushima shows that the actress has nailed the devil-may-care attitude that's so integral to Yukio.

Okamoto Mangold

Hardcore Jean Grey/Wolverine shippers will take special interest in Tao Okamoto, who plays Mariko Yashida, the daughter of a Yakuza crime boss. Mariko became Wolverine's greatest non-Phoenix-possessed love in the comics. Their relationship even convinced him to tame his wild ways and walk down the aisle in a classic stretch of "Uncanny X-Men" issues by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. Of course, comics being comics, things didn't work out so well for Logan and Mariko. Let's hope things don't turn out that way for Okamoto's character.

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