'Thor: The Dark World': Tom Hiddleston Talks Up Christopher Eccleston's Bad Guy Chops

Tom Hiddleston

by Brett White

"Iron Man 3" is set to dominate the box office in just under two months, but we shouldn't forget about "Thor: The Dark World." The guaranteed-to-be-epic film opens on November 8th, so it's just about time to fire up the promotion machine.

Fan favorite actor (which is somehow an understatement) Tom Hiddleston, who returns for his third film as the scheming Loki, spoke with Red Carpet News TV about Christopher Eccleston's turn as Malekith the Accursed. Hiddleston had nothing but praise for Eccleston, calling him "one of Britain's greatest actors." Of course Hiddleston was secretive about just how entangled Loki and Malekith's plots will be in the sequel, but at this point we're just excited to hear some "Thor" news.

Check out the interview below.

[Via io9]

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