'Walking Dead' Moving Into 'Epic' Territory, Andrew Lincoln Teases

Walking Dead

What did you think of the first meeting between Rick and the Governor, "Walking Dead" heads? If you're anything like series lead Andrew Lincoln, you were both surprised and moved by the long-awaited non-violent confrontation between these very-violent men.

"It turned into something really interesting," the actor told MTV News about this week's episode. "There were more mind games, two men sizing each other up, and trying to come to some semblance of an agreement. It was fun. We didn't really talk so much when we were working together because of the nature of the atmosphere in the room, but it was great to get these two men in the same room, to see how they respond to each other."

As for how Rick will survive the impending confrontation, particularly given his fragile psyche, Lincoln feels he'll have to pull it together to keep his family alive.

"I think if Rick had been alone, he might not have been this tenacious survivor. But he has this family now, this incredibly tight family. In spite of losing his wife, he has this incredibly loyal unit he calls his family. That's his driving force. And certainly his son is pulling him very much back into reality. In the last episodes before we finish this season, you see a man coming out of the darkness and hopefully returning. I don't think he can return the complete man that he was, but he realizes the enormous responsibility on his shoulders. He has to step up."

Regarding the final episodes of the season, Lincoln had plenty to tease: "[Episode] fifteen is epic, and incredibly emotional. It's one of my favorite episodes, as is sixteen. I won't be amiss in saying that not everybody gets out alive."

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