Dane DeHaan On His 'Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel Role And Reuniting With Chris Cooper

It's not easy being the son of Norman Osborn. But playing the son of Norman Osborn — when Oscar winner Chris Cooper is occupying the role — is a much more pleasant prospect for actor Dane DeHaan, who joins "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" as Peter Parker's good friend and future enemy, Harry Osborn.

DeHaan spoke with MTV News about signing on to play Harry in the "Amazing" sequel, citing his previous working relationship with Cooper as an excellent starting point for their dynamic as the Osborns.

"I made my first ever movie with Chris Cooper, this movie 'Amigo' directed by John Sayles, we made in the Philippines four years ago," the actor said at the "Place Beyond the Pines" press junket. "And at the time I was a little scared of him, but he was so nice to me and I really, honestly, I have moments looking back on it where I truly looked up to him. So I’m really excited that he’s playing my father, because I think he’s just amazingly talented and I look up to him like a father and I think that that relationship will be really easy to form, for sure."

As for how DeHaan is preparing for the role, the actor told us he's working out six days a week and is enjoying (a term we use loosely) "a really strict diet."

"Other than that, it’s just like what I was talking about — creating the character and doing my own kind of thing and forming the relationships and hopefully being prepared enough that when I show up Harry comes off as a living, breathing, actual human being," he added.

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