Tim Minear, Joss Whedon & The Best Comic-Con Ever


by Tami Katzoff (@tvtamijo)

Folks are already planning their trips to San Diego for Comic-Con 2013, but for fans of Joss Whedon, SDCC 2012 will be hard to top. Its highlight, of course, was the reunion panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Firefly.”

“It was just so great to see all those people,” writer/producer Tim Minear remembers. “I had particularly a lot of fun with Sean [Maher], because we got to kind of roam around outside the convention hall as we were trying to find the place where we were all meeting to go to dinner. And it was just fun to be walking with ‘Simon’ through those giant crowds of people. There were just so many ‘Firefly’ fans there.”

Minear still marvels at the show’s ever-growing popularity. “It was truly amazing to have however many thousands of people crammed into that ballroom just to see a panel for a show that had been dead for ten years.”

Though SDCC 2012 was Minear’s favorite Comic-Con experience to date, there was one that came a close second: Years before the San Diego Convention Center even existed, a movie he made as a teen won Minear an audience award in 1981. “It was pretty awesome to win the audience award for my Super 8 film and then get to meet Harlan Ellison,” he says. “That was kind of a cool summer.”

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