'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Other Marvel Heroes Who Need More Faithful Costumes


by Brett White

With the first leaked set photos from "Amazing Spider-Man 2," the fastly-approaching sequel has done the impossible; it's turned skeptics into believers by taking what was one of the more daring redesigns of a classic superhero costume and turned it around into the most faithful one we've ever seen.

After seeing how bananas (in the positive sense of the word) the fan base went after seeing a Steve Ditko/Mark Bagley-accurate Spider-Man on set, we thought we'd make a list of the other Marvel heroes whose comic duds could be faithfully recreated onscreen.


Thor's original movie look leaned heavily on Olivier Coipel's classic redesign, but with a few liberties. The most notable? Save for one brief scene, Thor didn't wear his winged Asgardian helmet. We think Thor could effortlessly transition into Esad Ribic's new design, currently featured in the comic "Thor: God of Thunder," and bring that iconic headgear to life. Plus, when you have guns like Chris Hemsworth's, there's no need to hide them behind chainmail sleeves.


Marvel's Ultimate line of comics, which provided a modern spin on these classic heroes, provided the cinematic universe with a lot of costume inspiration, especially when it came to Hawkeye's "Avengers" uniform. But Hawkeye has launched a critically acclaimed and publicly adored ongoing series since the blockbuster film. Clint's look in the comic is simple: gray jeans, purple Chuck Taylors, and a mix of layered, simple purple or gray shirts…with a few bandages thrown in. Fans would go crazy to see a nod to David Aja's newly definitive take on the archer on Jeremy Renner.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The concept art for this Phase Two film has already been released, showing the team in costumes reminiscent of, but not directly based on, their comic book look. Aside from Gamora, whose original look is infinitely implausible, Drax, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon could take on the swashbuckling, militaristic look of their Marvel Comics counterparts and look great. Plus they'd be the first superhero team in film to wear spats. Spats.

Captain America

Iron Man called Cap's wardrobe in "Avengers" "spangly," and we'd be inclined to agree. What Cap needs is an outfit that perfectly melds his army and hero identities, and Jerome Opena's latest redesign as featured in the newest "Avengers" series does just that. It incorporates Cap's iconic chain mail top, something not yet accomplished on film, without looking ridiculous. And if Opena's design skews too heavy on the armor, then John Cassaday's recent tweak (featured in the "Uncanny Avengers" comic) brings in the superhero elements.

Winter Soldier

Steve Epting created a look that encapsulates everything the Winter Soldier is. It's dark, reflecting his black ops origins. He has a domino mask, just like he did in his Bucky days. The red star on his robot arm signifies his Cold War allegiance. It's one of the best designs for a "new" character in the last decade, and Marvel would be foolish to not adapt it faithfully for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." It doesn't hurt that the costume is completely practical and easily pulled off. The big question, though, is if Marvel will give Bucky a robot arm, since the demise Sebastian Stan met with in "Captain America: The First Avenger" left his arm, presumably, intact.