'Saturday Night Live' Tackles 'Walking Dead' Racism

Walking Dead

Of the many topics covered on "The Walking Dead," the AMC series has never dealt with racism in the post-zombie apocalypse world quite like "Saturday Night Live" did this past weekend. "SNL" host Kevin Hart played a black man who was turned into a zombie in front of Rick, Carl, Maggie and Daryl, but the four "Walking Dead" characters were too afraid of being racist to offend the other man by turning him away.

Hilarious, or offensive? You decide! Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Beyond the racism conversation, other hilarious comments on "The Walking Dead's" third season included multiple jokes about Carl's evolution into a child soldier — "I'm 12 now so I'm totally ready to kill. I'm good at killing, and I feel emotionally fine after I do it" — and the fact that so little time is dedicated to saying goodbye to deceased characters — "Can we discuss the fact that Maggie just died?" Though unexpected, this "Walking Dead" spoof ended up being one of Hart's funniest sketches of the night.

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