Who Is Omar Sy Playing In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'?

Omar Sy

by Brett White

Omar Sy, best known for the French film "The Intouchables," has just joined the seemingly never-ending cast of "X-Men: Days of Future Past." The actor makes a welcome addition to the film, but director Bryan Singer has been mum about who he's playing. With Singer using so much of his previous cast in the film, odds are Sy will be suiting up as someone we have yet to see on film. Here are our best guesses.


Speculation seems to be focusing purely on Bishop, which makes sense since Bishop is the highest-profile black X-Man. Bishop is a time-traveler, and given the nature of "Days of Future Past," the character could effortlessly work his way into the plot. In fact, Bishop was the central figure in the 1990s cartoon adaptation of "Days of Future Past," taking on the role Kitty Pryde fulfilled in the original comics. But with Ellen Page's Kitty already in a constantly growing cast, is there really room for Bishop? Everyone pegged Peter Dinklage as Puck based on his appearance alone, and it looks like he's actually playing Bolivar Trask. So while it would be great to get Bishop on screen (but hopefully not the character's signature mullet), Singer could go in a different direction.

Trevor Fitzroy

Let's not rule out the bad guys, here, because Dinklage and a mess of Sentinels don’t seem like a big enough match for the dozen X-Men gathered in this film. We previously guessed that Dinklage could don the crystalline body armor as the green-haired, time-traveling villain, and we're transferring that guess to Sy. Sy really brings the charisma in "The Intouchables," charisma that would be perfectly suited for this playboy arch-nemesis.


The X-Men of the future might need a tech boost to reach 1973, and Forge is capable of providing just that. With the mutant power of invention, Forge has built everything from clear jets capable of space flight (oh, the '90s) to time machines, as well as a new hand and leg to replace those he lost while serving in Vietnam. This role could easily be a scene-stealing one, fitting of Sy's talents.

Mr. Sinister

The X-Men need a big heavy, and the team's A-List villains have been collecting dust during the entirety of the franchise. Sinister is a master manipulator, someone whose reach and influence could easily stretch across decades and threaten a multitude of mutants. With his metallic costume, tattered cape, vaguely defined power set and ridiculous name, it would take an actor of real presence to make Mr. Sinister work on the big screen. Sy could pull it off, especially when you imagine the soon-to-be-iconic smile he utilized in "The Intouchables" being used…for evil.


Considering that Omar Sy is French, this super-fast mutant isn't that much of a stretch. With only Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) confirmed on the 1973 side of the story, there's a whole half of the cast that needs to be filled out. And while we hope that Havok and Banshee get a much-deserved call back, it'd be pretty great if this French-Canadian mutant joined them. Northstar's inclusion would also be groundbreaking; he'd be the first openly gay superhero to make it into a Marvel film.