RUMOR: Christian Bale Headlining Christopher Nolan-Produced, Zack Snyder-Directed 'Justice League'?


It might be time to stop poking fun at DC's planned "Justice League" movie. If a new report pans out as outlined, Warner Bros.' answer to Disney's Marvel Studios epics is very serious indeed.

El Mayimbe at Latino Review reports that Christopher Nolan is in talks with WB to godfather the DC Universe to the big-screen, not unlike his role on Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." If a deal shakes out, Nolan would produce "Justice League" along with Snyder. Snyder might even direct the film, according to Mayimbe's report.

What's more, Mayimbe reports that Christian Bale is being courted to resume his role as Batman, despite the fact that he and Nolan retired the character in "The Dark Knight Rises." According to the report, Bale could share the screen with Henry Cavill in a "World's Finest" team-up flick ahead of "Justice League."

These are big, pie-in-the-sky rumors and wishes for right now, but give credit where it's due: Mayimbe is the guy who got Heath Ledger as The Joker before anyone else, among other scoops, including the rumored "Planet Hulk" film for Marvel's Phase Three. (That report was recently disputed, though Mayimbe stands by his original word.) There's no guarantee that any of this news will play out as outlined, but if nothing else, it's fanboy fever worth obsessing over on an otherwise sleepy Monday morning.

So, let's assume this happens: Nolan-produced, Snyder-directed, Bale-starring "Justice League" film. Even if you're a "Dark Knight" purist, it's hard to look away from that, isn't it?

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