'Iron Man 3' Poster: That's A Whole Lot Of Armor

Iron Man 3

"Iron Man 3" has another brand new poster — and more importantly, it has a bunch of brand new sets of armor.

The latest poster for the third "Iron Man" film premiered today at Yahoo, showing a battle-damaged Tony Stark floating in the ocean just outside of his ruined seafront property. He's surrounded by a bevy of other Iron Man suits, and a close look shows that each of the suits are different from one another — many of them suits we haven't seen before.


The middle armor on the right side of the poster looks like the much-rumored Deep-Space suit. The lower right armor on the left side of the poster looks like the Heartbreaker design that's been making the rounds online this week. And that's just scratching the surface. Clearly, we haven't seen anything yet when it comes to the surprises Stark has in store this coming May.

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