Rebecca Hall On 'Iron Man 3' Star Robert Downey Jr.: 'He's A Force'

Among the many newcomers to the "Iron Man 3" cast, one of the players we're most curious about is Maya Hansen, played by British actress Rebecca Hall. We're even more curious hearing that Hansen's been described as "the female Robert Downey Jr." by director Shane Black.

Hall stopped by MTV News this week to talk about her new miniseries "Parade's End," and we spoke with her about her work on the upcoming "Iron Man" threequel. Black's compliment aside, however, Hall claims she "can't even come close to matching wits with [RDJ] — but it was fun to try!"

"He's a really brilliant improvisationalist," she continued. "He's incredibly quick-witted. Everything he brings to Tony Stark is him. Of course there's all of the tradition from the comic books, the movie, and also the writing is brilliant, but there's also a heavy dose of that character is Robert Downey Jr. He's inspiring to work with and watch. He's a force."

You can see how much of a force Hall is when "Iron Man 3" cruises into theaters on May 3, 2013.

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