'Wonder Woman' Fan Trailer Punches All The Faces

Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. hasn't yet found a way to make a "Wonder Woman" movie or TV series quite work, but stuntman-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson has. The longtime member of the film community decided recently he wanted to give his hand at directing and made a concept fan trailer for his idea of an epic "Wonder Woman" movie. Well, he has succeeded admirably.

As he told Latino Review, "It was my manager / producing partner Kailey Marsh’s idea to shoot the trailer. She really believes I should be a studio director, and thought shooting 'Wonder Woman' would be a great way to show off my skills in a fun way that people could get excited about." Consider us excited, and you likely will be too after you watch Johnson's video after the jump.

His "Wonder Woman" idea seems to be going the same route as Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy by trying to seem both gritty and grounded. Set during World War II, the trailer has Diana facing off against Nazis who have captured her, and she does a kickass job defeating them. The video feels a bit reminiscent of "Iron Man" when Tony Stark returns to Afghanistan to take out Raza -- and that's not a bad thing.

Johnson's stunt skills really come to the forefront here, and he did a great job casting Nina Bergman as his Wonder Woman. While this concept might not work for a full feature film, it should give The CW some ideas for how to move forward on its TV series.

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