'Man Of Steel' Star Russell Crowe On Playing Superman's Dad: 'Times Have Changed'

Man of Steel

Though it remains to be seen how big Russell Crowe's role as Jor-El will be in "Man of Steel," there's no denying he's pretty excited about the movie. Crowe visited "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and opened up about the film -- and what it means to be playing the father of Superman.

"It's a reboot of the franchise with Zack Snyder who did the '300' film, with a young English fellow called Henry Cavill as Superman or Kal-El as I would call him because he's my son," Crowe said. "Times have changed, I'm Superman's dad."

It turns out that Crowe's son didn't really understand the implications of having his father play Superman's dad. We wish there was a video of Crowe telling his son the news, because it sounds adorable.

"I said to my son Charlie, 'I'm going to be Superman's dad in the movie, so if I'm Superman's dad what does that make you?' and he got really excited and said 'Superman's brother?'" he recalled. "To be able to sort of naturally find out that he, at his core, has that sort of humility is a wonderful moment."

Crowe also came face-to-face with his own Jor-El action figure during the interview, though he seemed less enthused about it than we did. "That's ridiculous!" Crowe said while laughing, adding, "No, it's great, you should make sure you buy one. Buy two."

"Man of Steel" is due in theaters on June 14.

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