Joss Whedon: 'Avengers 2' Is All About 'Death, Death And Death'


Not content with killing off fan-favorite hero Agent Phil Coulson in the first "Avengers" movie, director Joss Whedon apparently has blood on the mind.

The filmmaker is currently at the Dublin International Film Festival for his new movie, "Much Ado About Nothing." There, he discussed his plans for the upcoming "Avengers" sequel, and teased that bad things are on the way for Earth's mightiest heroes.

"Death, death and death," he said when asked what fans can expect to see from "The Avengers 2."

Before you start worrying about Iron Man and friends, keep in mind that death is the big motivator for Thanos, the purple-skinned villain briefly glimpsed at the end of the first "Avengers." Thanos is rumored to be a big part of both "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Avengers 2." Is Whedon's latest comment a tease of the "Avengers" villain to come?

Whedon also talked about what convinced him to take on the sequel, saying, "When I first considered doing Avengers 2, my first question was what can I do that's new? Because I can't make it bigger....but I can make it better."

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