'Iron Man 3' Poster: Mandarin's Future's So Bright, He Has To Wear Shades


The Mandarin of "Iron Man 3" has a very goofy voice, if we're going by the trailer. Believe it or not, his poster is even goofier.

Empire debuted the first Mandarin-centric "Iron Man 3" poster today, showing Ben Kingsley sitting in repose as the ring-clad nemesis of Tony Stark. His interest in the Armored Avenger goes beyond wanting to destroy him, too — if those shades he's wearing are any indication, he wants to emulate Tony's fashion sense as well.

See the full poster below!


Empire has an even better look at the image, which clearly shows Mandarin's foot pressed against Iron Man's broken helmet. There's another familiar helmet, too, if you look to the right...


"Iron Man 3" blasts into theaters on May 3, 2012.

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