Roy Harper Revealed: 'Arrow' Actor Colton Haynes Describes His 'Troublemaker' Character

Roy Harper

by Ryan Rigley

Watch out, Starling City! There's a new troublemaker in town and he's stealing purses and hearts! Figuratively speaking, of course. Last night, Roy Harper (as played by "Teen Wolf's" Colton Haynes) made his big "Arrow" debut. Scheduled to appear in at least three episodes this season, it's quite apparent that Roy is more than just another lowlife.

"Roy is a troublemaker," agrees Colton Haynes in a recent interview with MTV Splash Page. "He thinks he can get out of every single situation but he keeps going for situations where he needs the help of someone a lot more powerful than he is."

A lot more powerful as in, say, the Hood? Read on past the jump!

"My brother is a huge comic book fan," continues Haynes. "After I had booked 'Arrow,' they posted on his favorite comic book site and he called me; he had this shaky voice like something was wrong. He was freaking out."

Colton's brother isn't the only one freaking out about Roy Harper's appearance on "Arrow." Fans of the comic book well know that this small time criminal from the wrong side of town will eventually become the Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy.

"There are so many different takes on Roy Harper," Haynes explains on his new role. "He has different stages of evolution. Whether it’s with him becoming Speedy or Arsenal or Red Arrow, he’s still this troubled soul that’s really just getting into a lot of trouble."

Speaking of trouble, what better way to get into trouble than by dating Thea Queen, Starling City's darling socialite?

"There are so many similarities between them," Haynes points out about Roy and Thea. "It’s interesting because Oliver calls her 'Speedy' and she calls me 'Speedy.' So it’s this interesting thing, it’s gonna keep the fans of the show and the comic book on edge. Is Thea going to be Speedy or is Roy going to be Speedy?"

Here's hoping for the latter. So what are the chances that we'll be seeing the Hood with another sidekick this season?

"They’re setting things up for a possibility of that, but like most TV shows it could just be a fake out," muses Haynes. "In the next three episodes, you’re gonna see a really interesting character with Roy and with Arrow that is going to lead you to believe that there could be a future with them possibly joining forces. But there is nothing set in stone yet."

So does this mean that Colton Haynes will now be a regular cast member on "Arrow" or is he just another special guest?

"There’s definitely a possibility of that and I think that that would be incredible," Haynes teases on whether or not Roy will be coming back next season. "I think we all will be seeing a lot more of Roy Harper in the future. They’re incredible, the writers. They know what they’re doing. So I will be around for a while."

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