New 'Wolverine' Photo Puts The Past In Its Behind


There's still no sign of "The Wolverine" trailer. But there are lots of signs of the Wolverine himself.

Yet another new photo from Fox's upcoming "Wolverine" film has hit the web courtesy of the movie's Facebook page. Once again, leading man Hugh Jackman gets the spotlight, along with a tagline that promises: "The past is always behind you, but the memories still remain."

True, true.

Nice as it is to get another look at "Wolverine," it would be even nicer if we could catch a glimpse of the film's supporting players — characters like the deadly Silver Samurai, for instance. It's like the X-Men action figures all over again; we don't need a new Wolverine toy in every single line, and we don't need Wolverine-only photos from "The Wolverine." Show us what else you've got, Mangold!

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