'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.15, 'Dodger'


by Ryan Rigley

Love seems to be in the air in Starling City as last night's "Arrow" featured both Oliver Queen and Diggle going out on fancy dates, not to mention the fact that Thea Queen has found a new love interest in the form of bad boy Roy Harper. "Dodger" revolves mostly around Oliver and company tracking down a jewel thief named the Dodger. He's smooth, he's swift, and he loves to strap bombs to people's necks.

At the Arrowcave, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity discuss Ken Williams, the next target on Robert Queen's list. Felicity does a background check on Ken and discovers that he has children which, of course, causes her to back out. She then brings up the Dodger, who normally operates primarily in Europe but has just recently made it to Starling City. Wanting to keep Felicity from going to the police, Oliver agrees to go after the jewel thief instead.

In a flashback, Slade reveals to Oliver the bullet lodged in his arm. Slade tells Oliver that his bullet wound is infected, which reminds Oliver of Yao Fei's magical cure-all. Deciding to go find Yao Fei's cure for Slade, Oliver quickly stands up and runs out of the tent as fast as he can.

At the Queen Residence, Moira speaks with an Asian man named Frank. They discuss Robert's death and Walter's disappearance. Moira begs Frank for a hint as to where Walter could be but he refuses to give her an answer.

Meanwhile at the local burger joint, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity enjoy a nice meal while discussing the Dodger. Felicity points out that Diggle's sister-in-law who works there, Carly, is totally into him. They force Diggle to ask Carly out on a date, which subconciously makes Oliver want to ask Detective McKenna out on a date as well. But, of couse, both of these dates go horribly.

The next day, Thea, who is out with Laurel, gets her purse stolen by a mysterious boy in a red hoodie. The two women chase the hooded bandit, but he manages to hop a nearby fence and get away. Luckily, the chain from his wallet is snagged on the fence. Thea picks it off and begins calling every wallet store in the city. Eventually, one of the stores calls back with a name: Roy Harper.

Thea has Detective Lance bring Roy in for questioning down at the station. Roy explains to Detective Lance that his mother is hopelessly addicted to Vertigo and that the entire reason that he steals is to support his mother. Being a victim of Vertigo herself, Thea calls off the interrogation and decides not to press charges.

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver and company figure out that the Dodger only steals a very specific type of jewel. Oliver decides to buy a near priceless jewel necklace and put it on display at a Cancer Fundraiser as bait.

On the bad side of town, Thea confronts Roy Harper face to face asking for her purse back. Roy calls Thea a trust fund brat and Thea looks somewhat shocked. He hands her purse back to her, telling her not to believe everything you hear during a police interrogation. Thea is displeased.

At the Cancer Fundraiser, the Dodger picks up the baited jewel necklace which also has a tracking device on it. Felicity, who is monitoring the track device, comes face to face with the Dodger and subsequently gets a bomb strapped to her neck. As the Dodger is getting away, Oliver runs outside and beats up a man with a motorcycle. He chases the Dodger down, with the help of Felicity's navigation, and uses his own tazer on him.

In a flashback, Oliver enters Yao Fei's tent and finds the magical cure-all. He also finds a man who has been beaten and tied up. Unwrapping the man's mouth, Oliver learns that the man is a student that has been kidnapped by Fires' men and left for dead. Or is he? After about ten minutes, Oliver decides not to untie the man and also leave him for dead.

The next day, Diggle apologizes to Carly for the horrible date and for bringing up his dead brother. She forgives him and they kiss hard on the mouth. Oliver also goes to apologize to Detective McKenna for spoiling their date. She also forgives him and kisses him hard on the mouth.

Meanwhile, Moira meets with China White, the leader of the Triads in Starling City. Telling her that Frank sends his regards, Moira proceeds to put a hit out on Malcolm Merlyn, a.k.a. the Well Dressed Man a.k.a. the Dark Archer.

Well, am I the only one that is really excited to see where "Arrow" goes with Roy Harper? I mean, he jumped that fence pretty easily so it would be very interesting to see what else he's learned living on the mean streets of the Glades. My only concern would be the dynamic of the Arrowcave with his addition. Oliver already has a pretty big team of sidekicks, i.e. Diggle and Felicity. But I'm getting ahead of myself. At least we'll be seeing a lot more of Roy Harper this season, picking up with next week's episode!

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