'Avengers' Take Manhattan: How ILM Created New York City


Here's something you might not have known: though "The Avengers" was set in New York, it actually was up to the team at Industrial Light & Magic to design the city. Just like many of the characters in the final NYC-set battle scene were actually CGI creations, the city was as well.

The kind folks over at ILM have released a new featurette showing how they made New York City look so real in "The Avengers" when it actually was just a combination of a green screen with a set. Check the video out after the jump!

"One of the really interesting things about the film is it's a movie that takes place in New York but in the end, except for the aerial plane shoot that we did, we were only able to have the principle actors in New York for a couple of days," ILM's Jeff White explained in the video. "So the majority of the time that you see them down by 42nd Ave. is them in New Mexico on a green screen set."

No wonder "The Avengers" is up for a visual effects Oscar nomination. It's always interesting to see the behind-the-scenes elements of ILM's work, and the folks there have been happy to share. They've released a number of featurettes already, including one that shows how the key "Avengers" battle scene was created.

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