Rumor: Jason Momoa Eyed For Drax The Destroyer In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'


The debate surrounding Jason Momoa used to be, "Who would win in a fight, Conan or Khal Drogo?" But it sounds like the actor might be making his Marvel, throwing an interstellar badass into that hypothetical match-up.

Latino Review reports that Momoa tested for the role of Drax the Destroyer in "Guardians of the Galaxy" this week. The audition reportedly went so well that Marvel has offered him the role of the green-skinned warrior, and Momoa's representatives are now negotiating with the House of Ideas to make the casting official.

In other words, even if this is true, it's only at the negotiating stage — a lot could happen to keep the former Drogo away from Drax.

But consider us fully on board if the casting pans out. Momoa was an excellent Conan in a mediocre "Conan" movie, and an excellent Khal Drogo in the much better than mediocre "Game of Thrones." If he's the guy that James Gunn and Marvel have their eye on, then we're in very good hands.


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