'Spawn' Movie Update: An Oscar Winner Is Attached, Todd McFarlane Teases

Where is the "Spawn" movie? We've been hearing from Todd McFarlane for years and years now about a script in development, but so far, nothing concrete has emerged.

When MTV Geek caught up with McFarlane at Toy Fair, he provided an update on where things stand with the "Spawn" film franchise — including the fact that an Oscar-winning actor is on board with the project.

"I continue writing pages here and there. I have a guy waiting in the sidelines, an Academy Award-winning actor," he said. "Every three weeks he's on the phone going, 'Todd, where's the script? Todd, where's the script?' I can't say who it is. You could [narrow it down]."

"He came out to the office. He gave me his pitch, and I gave him mine," McFarlane added. "The pitch I gave was that we could do ten of these for the next ten years and he wouldn't have to be 22 for the rest of his life."

On top of the live-action "Spawn" redo, McFarlane says that another animated series based on the character is in the works — and it's further along than you might realize.

"We have 90 minutes all set and ready to go, other than sending it to an animation house," he said. "We've done all the voice recordings, we've done all the backgrounds, so the technology is way better than it was a decade ago; there are some spectacular things we can do now that we weren't able to when we were on HBO."

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