Hayley Atwell Back For 'Captain America' Flashback?


Good news for Peggy Carter fans: it looks like Steve Rogers won't escape his former flame after all.

It was believed that Hayley Atwell would be sitting out of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" due to the upcoming Marvel sequel's present-day plot. But according to what "The First Avenger" actor Stanley Tucci tells Collider, we'll be seeing Steve's first love in the new film after all.

"I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene," said Tucci, adding, "but I have not been asked."

As nice as it would be to see Doctor Erskine again, there isn't as much of a need as there is to revisit Peggy Carter. If Steve's struggle is to acclimate to his new life in the modern world, then it only makes sense for him to look back to the past — and to the one woman he loved — before fully facing the future.

Regardless of how Atwell factors into the coming sequel, we're just excited to see her back in action.

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