'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.14, 'The Odyssey'


by Ryan Rigley

In a surprising turn of events, last night's episode of "Arrow" was comprised mostly of flashbacks to Oliver Queens's time on the mysterious island of Liànyù. "The Odyssey" picks up precisely where last week's episode left off, with the hooded vigilante breaking into Queen Consolidated and interrogating Moira Queen at arrow-point. Moira, who denies having anything to do with Walter's disappearance, eventually gets the upper hand, shooting her own son with a hidden handgun.

Oliver makes the tough decision of revealing his secret identity to Queen Consolidated's I.T. girl, Felicity Smoak, with the hopes that she will drive him back to the Arrowcave and help remove the bullet from his shoulder. Being that Oliver Queen is technically her boss and also a known murderer, Ms. Smoak quickly agrees to do whatever he so pleases.

As Diggle and Smoak struggle to remove the bullet from Oliver's body, Oliver has a flashback to Liànyù wherein Slade Wilson is training him in the art of fighting sticks. It's quite obvious that Oliver, who has been severely disappointing Slade as far training goes, really needs to shape up if he wants to escape the island on the flight that Slade plans on hijacking.

Slade, who is more than capable with a sword, informs Oliver that he needs him to silently take out the guard inside the watchtower located on the premises of the enemy compound that they'll be raiding. Oliver brings up wanting to rescue Yao Fei numerous times, but Slade is quick to dismiss him. Instead, they talk about Slade's former partner, Billy Wintergreen (a.k.a. the man in the Deathstroke mask).

On the other side of the island, Yao Fei (the mysterious bearded Asian man) has a chat with Edward Fires, the evil British guy that wants to murder Oliver. Fires tells Yao Fei that he's ordered 25 compound bows and that he wants Yao Fei to train all of his men how to be amazing archers. Yao Fei agrees, but only under the condition that Fires does not harm his daughter.

That night, Slade and Oliver storm the enemy compound with Slade annihilating every soldier in his path and Oliver almost blowing the entire mission. But just as the watchtower guard is about to call for backup, Slade stabs him through the chest. As Slade goes out to make sure the coast is clear, Oliver uses the watchtower telephone to try to contact Laurel. Slade then proceeds to rip the telephone out so that Oliver can't compromise their mission.

Soon, the incoming flight radios the watchtower with a challenge question that only the real watchtower guard would know. This is where Oliver finally begins to prove his worth, instantly recognizing the challenge question as a quote from Homer's "The Odyssey": "Of all creatures that breathe or move upon the Earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man."

Passing the test, Oliver decides that now is a good time to go rescue Yao Fei. He runs through the dense forest, finally coming to another enemy campsite. However, as he approaches Yao Fei, Edward Fires has Oliver knocked out cold. Oliver later awakes to find himself in the middle of yet another execution, this time at the hands of Billy Wintergreen.

But just as all hope seems to be lost, Slade comes charging through the fields sword in hand. Slade and Billy fight, which eventually leads to Billy's untimely demise. Slade and Oliver escape, only to discover that they have missed their flight off of the island. However, Oliver has ultimately proved himself to be a trusted ally to Slade after dragging him to safety, knocking out a guard, and removing the bullets from his body.

After proving himself to Edward Fires, Yao Fei is granted five minutes alone with his daughter, who appears to have been tortured and beaten. We see that she has a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder.

In present day, Oliver finally wakes up to a smiling Diggle and Smoak. Asking her nicely to join their crusade, Ms. Smoak eventually agrees to help them locate Walter. When Oliver stands up, we see that he has the exact same dragon tattoo as Yao Fei's daughter in the flashback.

What could be the significance of these dragon tattoos? Are they somehow linked to Robert Queen's death and Walter Steele's disappearance? Is Moira Queen really as innocent as she claims to be? And when exactly will Slade Wilson become Deathstroke? Obviously, there are still a ton of questions from last night's "Arrow" that have yet to be answered. Here's hoping for all of these answers and more when next week's episode of "Arrow" comes around!

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