Todd McFarlane Weighs In On Rob Liefeld's Image Comics Movie Script

At Toy Fair, our friends at MTV Geek got the chance to grab a few minutes with Todd McFarlane, the legendary "Spawn" creator and one of the founders of Image Comics. McFarlane might be able to add "movie character" to his impressive list of credits, too, seeing as Image co-founder Rob Liefeld recently wrote a screenplay about the company's creation. In fact, Liefeld went as far as to suggest Christian Bale for the role of McFarlane.

As for the "Spawn" creator's take on the "iCons" script, McFarlane says he's happy to let Liefeld take a crack at telling the story of Image's birth.

"Rob, make me look like a saint or a sinner, do what you have to do — it's your perspective, I grew a thick skin a long time ago," McFarlane told Liefeld about the script, according to what he said to MTV Geek. "When I was younger the critics bugged me more. Now I'm way too old for it."

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