'Arrow' Season Two: Ten Things We Want To See


by Ryan Rigley

Since its premiere episode back in October, The CW's "Arrow" has done a bang up job of turning Oliver Queen into a household name. With its ever escalating suspense and a plethora of dynamic characters, there's no question that Starling City's finest is here to stay — especially given the network's recent announcement that "Arrow" has officially been renewed for a second season, scheduled to debut fall of 2013!

So far this season, we've been witness to a number of intricate plot twists and special DC character cameos. But with the CW's recent renewal of the series, we can't help but wonder what the second season of "Arrow" has in store for us.

1. More Trick Arrows

Is it just me or does Oliver Queen only use two different types of arrows? We've seen the normal arrows and we've seen the digital recorder arrows, but in the comic books the Green Arrow is best known for his tricky and inventive arrows; i.e. tear gas arrows, glue arrows, and boxing glove arrows.

2. More Flashbacks

There are still so many mysteries that have yet to be unraveled! Season one has really held back on the island flashbacks, with some episodes even skipping the flashbacks entirely. Let's hope that we learn more about Oliver Queen's evolution next season!

3. More Vertigo

Count Vertigo is not dead. At the end of "Vertigo," it was teased that the Count has had massive neurological damage but is still alive and breathing. Maybe it's just me, but I would absolutely love to see the Count return even more insane than when Oliver battled him last.

4. More Diggle

Where does Diggle go when Oliver is out seeking justice? We already know about his sister-in-law and how she may or may not have a thing for him. Hopefully, the second season of "Arrow" shows more of Diggle's human side and maybe even some more of his backstory!

5. Prometheus

Two major Green Arrow villains have already made their appearances on "Arrow," Merlyn and Count Vertigo. There's no reason not to include Prometheus, a realistic DC villain whom Oliver Queen famously kills during the "Cry For Justice" mini-series.

6. Red Arrow

With Colton Haynes officially cast as Roy Harper, it's only a matter of time before we see the vigilante taking an apprentice up under his hood. In the comics, Roy Harper eventually becomes the Red Arrow, a.k.a. Speedy a.k.a. Arsenal. I'd honestly settle for any of the three.

7. Black Canary

Green Arrow's biggest love interest in the DC comics universe, there is absolutely no way that she would not fit into the "Arrow" universe as well. Besides that infamous "Canary Cry," that is! Odds are we'll be seeing Black Canary sooner rather than later.

8. Where's Walter?

Is he dead or does Malcolm Merlyn have him tied up in a warehouse somewhere just outside of Starling City? Hopefully, season two will answer some of these burning questions for us assuming that it isn't addressed by the end of this current season.

9. Amped Up Interrogations

Last week's episode ended on a huge cliffhanger for Oliver Queen, dressed as the vigilante, breaking into Queen Consolidated in order to confront his mother. With this new vigilante that knows no bounds, I'd say Oliver's interrogation techniques are going to get increasingly more extreme as the series progresses.

10. Deathstroke

Slade Wilson. Oliver Queen has finally met the deadliest assassin in the world, despite the fact that he has no idea who he is. If this season of "Arrow" doesn't reveal to us more about Deathstroke, here's hoping that he's the big bad antagonist of the oncoming season!