Sarah Wayne Callies On Latest 'Walking Dead' Twist

The Walking Dead

Warning! Major "The Walking Dead" spoilers ahead if you haven't yet seen "The Suicide King."

Whoops, there goes Rick Grimes. The head of the survivors at the Prison has officially cracked, and is now seeing more than just visions of Jon Bernthal's Shane. Nope, now he's seeing his dead wife Lori as well -- in her wedding dress, no less -- which gives us a reason to welcome Sarah Wayne Callies back to the AMC series but also a major cause for concern.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to Callies about her cameo appearance, and she explained the major shift for her in playing Lori as a hallucination instead of a character. "I think the thought behind the wedding dress is, if he’s going to hallucinate his wife, he’s going to picture her the day he remembers her being the happiest," she explained. "What is true is that I have never played Lori Grimes again after that death scene. Because everything I’m doing now -- from the phone call to this wraith like appearance -- I’m not playing Lori anymore. I’m playing Rick."

Interestingly enough, this cameo was first talked about after Lori was killed off earlier this season. This appearance wasn't showrunner Glen Mazzara's first idea for Lori's return, though, and Callies had to convince him to go a different route.

"I remember at a certain point instead of the way that it happens in the episode, there was talk about Lori showing up as a zombie, but her being a hallucination," Callies said. "And then she and Rick would have a conversation about something. And I remember being pretty vocal about that. I was like, 'I think talking zombies is bad for the show.'"

In a separate interview, Mazzara admitted that Rick's unhinged state is an opportunity for Hershel to step up and take a leader role. This will be a nice shift for him, after his major plot line in the first half of season three revolved around his lost leg.

"Hershel, who is very astute and a good friend of Rick’s and has a lot of insights into that Rick-Lori relationship -- this will be an arc for him, the fact that his friend is slipping away," Mazzara said. "It activates Hershel in an interesting way. Hershel spent the back half of the first part of the season recovering from his injury. Hershel is now back and he’s ready to kick ass with his one good leg. He really needs to save his friend."

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