'Captain America': Steven Soderbergh Endorsed The Russo Brothers To Marvel


Steven Soderbergh is not a comic book guy — but Joe and Anthony Russo are, and Soderbergh will happily vouch for that fact.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker spoke with Collider recently about his interest in comic book movies. The short version: he has none. (Not much of a surprise, considering Soderbergh has said that his new movie, "Side Effects," will be his final theatrical release.) But Soderbergh happily endorsed the Russo brothers for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at their request.

"I just wasn’t a comic book guy. When the Russos were going after the Captain America sequel, they called me and said, 'Will you call Marvel and talk to them about us?' because I have a relationship with them," said Soderbergh. "I said, 'Tell me why you want to do this.' And they go, 'Because we have a $60,000 comic book collection, because we’re obsessed with this s---.' And I went, 'Okay, I’m just checking.' Because I’m not, that’s why I can’t do one, but I didn’t know that and I just wanted to make sure that they were going after it for the right reasons as it turned out they were and they ended up getting the job and they’ll do a great job because they love it, and I’m just not the guy."

Thanks to CBM for the head's up.

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