'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Set Photo Hints At Green Goblin's Return

Marc Webb

Oh, Marc Webb. You devious, devious tease.

The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" filmmaker has been unleashing tweet after tweet upon the world, slowly leaking out the barest of details about his upcoming sequel. On Wednesday, Webb unleashed his most tantalizing tease yet: an image of a locker marked by the number "14," with the hash-tag "#happybirthday" accompanying the image.

Ask some people what the image means, and they'll tell you that Venom is on the way. Ask others, and it's a clear signal that "ASM2" will be bringing the Green Goblin into Peter Parker's world.

The reasoning behind the latest Green Goblin theory: the number "14" on the locker corresponds with "Amazing Spider-Man" #14, the first comic book appearance of the Goblin. Further, Harry Osborn actor Dane DeHaan was born on February 6 — the same day Webb tweeted out the "ASM2" set pic with the "#happybirthday" hash-tag. Does that add up to a Green Goblin tease? We certainly wouldn't be surprised.

(It's also worth noting that the locker looks like one you would find in a morgue. We know Norman Osborn was dying when last we heard about him in "Amazing Spider-Man." Perhaps that's his body behind door #14, and Harry will be the one to assume the Goblin mantle?)

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