‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’: Five Better Title Suggestions

The Amazing Spider-Man 2” has finally started production, and it’s officially been called… “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

It’s a bit of a disappointing choice, isn’t it? There are so many other awesome “Spider-Man” titles out there that we’d figured director Marc Webb would have gotten a little creative. Since he didn’t, we decided to do the heavy lifting for him. Here are some different names we would have gone with for the “Amazing Spider-Man” sequel:

“The Spectacular Spider-Man”
The launch of “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic book series was followed by “The Spectacular Spider-Man,” so wouldn’t it make sense to do the same on the big screen? “The Spectacular Spider-Man” is the name we would have most expected Webb to use.

“Spider-Man’s Tangled Web”
Both of the currently-known “ASM2” villains, Electro and Rhino, are featured in this 2001 – 2003 comics series — and on name alone, it beats “Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“Web of Spider-Man”
Same general idea as the previous suggestion, and same reason behind it. Characters like Electro and Rhino were tied to the second volume of “Web of Spider-Man” that came out in October 2009, and it does have a nice ring to it.

“Ultimate Spider-Man”
“Ultimate Spider-Man” is a rebooted take on the “Spider-Man” story, and “The Amazing Spider-Man” is a rebooted take on the “Spider-Man” movies. That’s as strong a link as any. Besides, “Ultimate” is a big step up from “Amazing.”

“Spider-Man: The Sinister Six”
Maybe they’re saving this one for the threequel. One can hope, at least!

What title would you have preferred to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” or do you think it was the right choice? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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