'Walking Dead' Photos: Merle Faces 'The Suicide King'

Walking Dead

There's less than a week left until "The Walking Dead" returns on AMC, and though the fates of the residents of Woodbury and the Prison are uncertain, we now know at least one thing for fact: Merle lives long enough to bash a zombie's face in.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted three new images from the upcoming midseason premiere, and it looks like Merle survives his fight with Daryl long enough to face off against some walkers. That's good for us, because we want to see what adventures the two brothers get up to now that they've been reunited after so long.

Walking Dead

That's not to say that this new episode won't return to the battle at the end of "Made to Suffer," though. Another image shows Andrea struggling against someone, likely to try to jump in and stop the fight between Merle and Daryl. But where's the Governor? Will the revelation that her friends are still alive cause a division in their relationship?

At least Rick looks like he's shown up to save the day. In the third picture, he can be seen packing some major weaponry as he's sneaking around in what looks like it's Woodbury. But why's he so sweaty, with that crazed look in his eyes? After his vision of Shane in "Made to Suffer," it seems like his phone call hallucinations were just the beginning of his problems.

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