WATCH: 'Parks & Recreation' Proves Chris Pratt Is Perfect For Marvel's 'Guardians Of the Galaxy'

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is Star-Lord. This is excellent news. If you're not sure why this is excellent news, then clearly you don't know Andy Dwyer. Dwyer is Pratt's character on "Parks & Recreation," arguably the best sitcom on network television at the moment; he's a big-hearted buffoon with a flair for the theatrics, a passion for music, and lots of love for his wife April and the rest of his friends.

There are plenty of reasons outside of "Parks & Rec" that Pratt is the perfect choice to lead "Guardians of the Galaxy." ** But even if were looking only at Pratt's actions in Pawnee, Indiana, we could still explain why he's the right man to defend the "Galaxy."

So, assuming Star-Lord will take his cues from Andy Dwyer — and really, why shouldn't he? — here are 10 reasons why Pratt will absolutely own "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Reason #1: He's already a proven action hero.

Reason #2: He's sure on his feet.

Reason #3: And his combat skills are fueled by spaghetti.

Reason #4: Among other skills, he's a highly-trained medical professional.

Reason #5: He's secretly an undercover rock star.

Reason #6: And he's a hell of a dancer.

Reason #7: He is a true gourmand.

Reason #8: He has a way with words.

Reason #9: He's the best boyfriend ever.

Reason #10: But never forget that first and foremost, he's the best federal agent ever.

** … Okay, so Star-Lord isn't going to be as big of a dim-wit as Dwyer. That's not what's important about how Pratt's work on "Parks & Rec" relates to what we'll see in "Guardians." What's important is this: the man shows unmatched heart, hustle and ingenuity week in and week out, every single episode. Put all of those ingredients in place with his legitimate action-hero potential (see his late-game role as a Navy SEAL in "Zero Dark Thirty" for your best possible look at how Pratt can pull off action scenes; or just trust us when we say he's a total badass in the Oscar-nominated movie), and it should be plainly clear why the Internet loves Chris Pratt, and why so many people are so excited to see him get the lead role in a big-budget superhero flick. The man has all the potential in the world, and we can't wait to see it put to good use.

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