Marvel Phase Three: Seven Movies We Want To See


So, "Ant-Man" is leading the charge for Marvel's Phase Three. Beyond that, we know from Kevin Feige that Marvel is developing "Doctor Strange," and a new rumor this week suggests "Planet Hulk" and a "World War Hulk"-inspired "Avengers 3" as the other current Phase Three contenders.

Let's assume for the moment that all four of those films are indeed part of Phase Three. Even then, that's just four titles — a bit thin for an entire phase of Marvel films, no?

With that in mind, here are our suggestions for other Phase Three movies that would pair brilliantly with what's already planned and rumored.


"Avengers Prime"

You can't really have an entire phase of Marvel movies without laying eyes on Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, can you? (Spoiler: you can, but it probably won't happen; at least one of those guys will get a Phase Three film.) Our solution is simple: put the three of them together in their own mini-"Avengers" movie to show how they're dealing with life after Hulk. If "Avengers 3" is all about Hulk's vendetta against his former teammates, then we need a Phase Three film to keep us invested in those eventual opponents. Putting Tony, Steve and Thor together on a three-person outing seems like just the ticket.

Black Panther

"Black Panther"

Earth's mightiest heroes will need Earth's mightiest natural resource to stand a chance against the Jade Giant's rumored rampage. Look no further than Wakanda, the high-tech African nation and the world's leading producer of vibranium. Black Panther not only lends diversity to the white-washed "Avengers" squad, but a power-set and an entire fictional country that could prove invaluable to the events of the third "Avengers" movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy

"Guardians of the Galaxy 2"

It feels strange to just launch one "Guardians" movie in Phase Two and then ignore them completely in Phase Three. Assuming Star-Lord and friends succeed in their first outing, we expect we'll want to spend even more time with them in Marvel's third phase of films. Besides, they're the obvious characters to turn to in tying Hulk's space epic back to the heroes of Earth in time for "Avengers 3."

Heroes for Hire

"Heroes for Hire"

The world needs its Luke Cage and Iron Fist movie, plain and simple, no explanation required. Just give us what we want, Marvel!



By the time a "S.H.I.E.L.D." movie would be ready to roll into theaters, the series could be on its third, fourth or even fifth season of television. Perfect time to bring the small-screen exploits of Nick Fury's super-spies to the big-screen — especially because it's yet another potential showcase for Captain America, Black Widow and other members of the "Avengers" gang.



There are enough amazing villains in the Marvel Studios catalog to fill an entire movie — so why not do exactly that? Given the flexible lineup of the "Thunderbolts" comics, the MCU adaptation could take great creative license with the characters featured in the film — in other words, consider this a place where Tom Hiddleston's Loki could get top billing.

Young Avengers

"Young Avengers"

And here's another place for Hiddleston's Loki! (No, it wouldn't be Kid Loki, but we have a feeling Hiddlestoners wouldn't complain too much.) Imagine the "Thor" actor recruiting a group of young, aspiring superheroes for a higher purpose — a purpose that ends up putting them in direct conflict with the mighty heroes we already know and love. That could be a great way to set the stakes even higher going into a Hulk-powered "Avengers" threequel.

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