‘Chew’ TV Series No Longer Happening At Showtime

John Layman, writer and co-creator of Image Comics’ incredible “Chew,” tweeted out some disappointing news for fans of the food-centric comic book series: the planned Showtime adaptation won’t be going forward after all.

The man’s words speak for themselves:

“Chew” focuses on Tony Chu, a detective who gleans psychic information from anything he eats (except beets). That means he can eat a steak and know exactly how and where the cow was raised … or he can bite the flesh of a fresh corpse and solve a crime in the process, as the case often goes. Co-created by Layman and artist Rob Guillory, “Chew” remains a favorite ongoing comic for many monthly readers — yours truly included — so several fingers are likely crossed right now, hoping to see the series get new life on a different network.

Tell us what you think of the “Chew” adaptation news in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!

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