'Kick-Ass 3' Is 'The Last One,' Says Mark Millar


Self-appointed superhero Kick-Ass isn't done fighting crime — but he's getting pretty close.

In an interview with SFX Magazine, comic book writer Mark Millar spoke a bit about the "Kick-Ass" franchise and whether or not he sees an ending in sight. It turns out that he does see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it'll all come crashing to a head with "Kick-Ass 3."

"'Kick-Ass 3' is going to be the last one," he said. "I told Universal this and they asked me, ‘What does that mean?’ I said, ‘It means that this is where it all ends.’ They said, ‘Do they all die at the end?’ I said, ‘Maybe’ – because this is a realistic superhero story. And if someone doesn’t have a bullet proof vest like Superman and doesn’t have Batman’s millions then eventually he is going turn around the wrong corner and get his head kicked in or get shot in the face."

He continued, "So Kick-Ass needs to reflect that. There has to be something dramatic at the end, he cannot do this for the rest of his life.”

How do you feel about Millar's plans for wrapping up the "Kick-Ass" series? Do you expect it to end with the death of Dave Lizewski?

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