Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tony Stark's Trip To China

Iron Man 3

If those closest to the production are to be believed, "Iron Man 3" will mark a return to form for the "Iron Man" series. Shane Black is directing the project with former helmer Jon Favreau producing and starring in it, and star Robert Downey Jr. says that's the right fit for this movie.

"The great thing about Shane is the same thing that’s great about Shane’s movie is that all the moving parts within the frame of his story are so poetic and inherently entertaining and then thought out and rethought out," Downey told Entertainment Weekly. "And then everyone all the way through really put their nose to the grindstone this time and I really felt like we were in a much safer playground [than we were with Iron Man 2] just because it was Shane’s vision. And he had a lot, lot, lot of time to figure out just one thing, which was to figure what the story would be."

Speaking of that story, "Iron Man 3" heads to China for a portion of the movie. EW asked Downey if it was true that the plan to shoot a "substantial" amount of the Marvel film in China was axed after he hurt his ankle filming in North Carolina.

"Truth be told, we [did shoot in China for about a week in December] after finishing principal photography and there will be some action there in the film," Downey explained. "My main interplay through the whole thing was that China figures in as a destination spot for Tony for a reason but I can’t explain [more because it would reveal] one of the ongoing themes of the movie. It’s tied-in to that theme in much the same way the 10 rings [mentioned in the first Iron Man film] are tied-in to Mandarin — and always have been tied-in to the Mandarin."

"Iron Man 3" comes out on May 3.

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