'Iron Man 3' Toys Suggest A Deep-Space Spoiler

Iron Man

There are a lot of "Iron Man 3" toys on the way, but the latest batch of Marvel Pop! figurines could be worth a bit more attention than just trying to figure out if we'll add them to our collection or not.

As pointed out by /Film, four new "Iron Man 3" Pop! toys have been unveiled. One is the Mark 47 suit which has now become a staple of "Iron Man 3" promotion, the other is Rhodey's War Machine and a third is the Iron Patriot. But it's the fourth suit that has us the most interested. If you want to stay spoiler-free for "Iron Man 3," turn away now.

The fourth figure is wearing what is described as the Deep Space Suit, which means it stands to reason that Iron Man is heading into outer space. As these are tie-ins for "Iron Man 3," it seems like Tony Stark will be heading to infinity and beyond in this film. Does that mean there's a tie-in to "Thor: The Dark World"? "Guardians of the Galaxy"? "The Avengers 2"? Your guess is as good as ours, but keep an eye out for that in the upcoming movie.

"Iron Man 3" comes out on May 3.

What do you make of the Deep Space Suit? How do you think it will be used in "Iron Man 3"? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!