Bryan Singer Talks 'Days Of Future Past' Time Travel, Bad Language And More

Bryan Singer

The old gang is getting back together for "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and Bryan Singer is starting to open up on what you can expect to see.

"It has a lot of aspects of the comic," he says in a new interview with Empire. "The actual comic of Days Of Future Past had a whole ton of stuff going on, so it’s like any of these things; you have to distill it. But I think the fans will be pleased that some of the most exciting parts of Days Of Future Past are going to be connected to this movie."

Additionally, Singer spoke a bit about how the film will approach time travel: "We've cracked it in a way that it makes sense. I had a two-hour conversation with James Cameron about time travel, string theory, multiverses and all that. You have to create your rules and stick wtih them. That's why Terminator and Back To The Future work so well. And there are certain mechanisms in X-Men, certain powers, perceptions and characters, that make this possible."

For more on "Days of Future Past," including the size of the cast, the use of foul language, and Singer's interest in using Twitter to promote the film, read the full interview.

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