Deathstroke Actor Compares 'Arrow' To 'Spartacus'

Manu Bennett

To say we're excited to finally see Deathstroke unmasked in "Arrow" is like saying the sky is blue. We don't have long to wait until we meet Manu Bennett's take on Slade Wilson in the February 6 episode "Betrayal," but until then we have a nice interview snippet to tide you over.

Bennett is also repping the series "Spartacus: War of the Damned," and he talked to Access Hollywood at its premiere about working on both projects. According to him, his experiences on the two shows were fairly different, and his characters couldn't be more dissimilar.

"There's a very different style to 'Arrow' than what there was to 'Spartacus,'" he said. "I had a discussion with the writer, Andrew Kreisberg about what they wanted and they didn't want Crixus [his 'Spartacus' character], that's for sure. They wanted something original for the show and 'Arrow' is reality-based, it's here in the now. It's very fast moving action, it's a whole new [fighting] technique that I'm learning with them. There's some similarities [between Crixus and Wilson] in that I come onto the show against another strong character."

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