'Iron Man 3': Jon Favreau Opens Up On 'Strange,' Director-Free Role

Jon Favreau

Though Jon Favreau was once at the head of the "Iron Man" franchise, there are no hard feelings between him and new director Shane Black. If anything, Black and Favreau owe debts to one another, as Black helped Favreau behind-the-scenes on "Iron Man" and Favreau has worked with him on this movie.

In a new interview, Favreau opened up about what it's been like working as an actor and executive producer on "Iron Man 3" instead of directing it. He told Access Hollywood he feels like the "grandfather" of the franchise.

"When you first walk on to the set it is strange. To see all my friends and my cast members there but Shane [Black] is someone who I've known for a while and Robert [Downey Jr.] knows for a very long time and I've done two, back-to-back. It's weird being on that set as an actor and producer and it's a little surreal, it feels like a dream," he said. "It's like when you go back to your old school in your dream or something. But I have to say, I've had so much fun and Shane's doing such a fantastic job."

It turns out that acting as an executive producer on "The Avengers" helped prepare Favreau for working in but not directing "Iron Man 3." This will be the first "Iron Man" film without him behind the helm, and it seems like he's relishing the role.

"I'm sort of getting used to the idea, having watched Robert on screen as Iron Man in The Avengers and having just been an executive producer on that, not directing that. I've become comfortable with it," he said. "Whether you're dealing with pilots or franchises, the biggest contribution is when you come in, you discover that cast, you find the right pitch for the show and then you create the world and hopefully other creative people can come in and build upon that. That's been very rewarding, so it's more like being a proud grandfather, you know, where you get to play with the baby but you don't have to change the diapers."

"Iron Man 3" is due out on May 3.

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