'Iron Man 3' Limited Edition Collectible Unveiled By Hot Toys

Iron Man 3

If you thought Hot Toys' "Iron Man 3" bust looked cool, just wait until you see the new 1/6th scale figure of Tony Stark they've revealed.

The first shots of the limited edition collectible figurine come courtesy of the Hot Toys Facebook page. In addition to Stark, the set comes with a "newly developed head sculpt, newly sculpted advanced body with light-up chest light and highly detailed accessories."

Among those accessories are Stark's work desk with his armors, blueprints and tools, an "articulated mechanical robot" with wheels and a camera and a stage with an LED light-up function. That does pretty much describe Stark's workroom in the "Iron Man" movies to a tee.

These aren't the only action figures "Iron Man" is getting. Hasbro has unveiled a new line of "Assemblers" that have more than 25 different armor combinations for Iron Man and War Machine. Those go on sale on February 11.

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