'Man Of Steel' Gets Its Unsurprising MPAA Rating

Man of Steel

A PG rating would be too light, an R rating would be too violent, but a PG-13 rating feels just right for "Man of Steel." The MPAA has officially announced the new Zack Snyder film's rating, and like "Sucker Punch" before it, "Man of Steel" has been slapped with a PG-13.

Does this come as a surprise for you? It shouldn't. Superman is not a character who needs large amounts of blood, gore, swearing or nudity to have his story told. An R rating would alienate a large group of the prospective "Man of Steel" audience and a PG one would go too light, so it seems fitting for the film to go the PG-13. Christopher Nolan did the same with his "The Dark Knight" trilogy, and that seemed to satisfy people just fine.

In fact, even "Superman Returns" was rated PG-13. While we expect this movie to be a little more action-packed than that, it's clear that PG-13 hits the sweet spot for Superman when it comes to his live action big-screen adventures.

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